Awesome Bathroom for Life

There are many things to improve life quality, and one of them is by decorating house interior. House interior is not limited to places to gather with family member. However, it is also applicable for other rooms such as bathroom. Awesome bathroom idea is definitely needed to create the best decoration that will be appealing for anyone coming into the bathroom.

Since most people have different perspective or judgment regarding awesomeness, it is essential that you should tolerate this design.

The proposal of this idea is based on glass for theme. Therefore, everything will have glass as main component. Starting from some main items within bathroom i.e. toilet, it will not be made of glass. Ceramic is still used for this item because it will be very weird if turned into glass. After toilet, it is time to move to shower. In this item, the shower is made based on tempered glass for maximum durability. For covering, there will be some screen-like door available.

Awesome bathroom idea is based on this screen because it may come in various textures. It is even possible to find a drawing of specific animals, plants, flowers, and others for blurring what is inside the shower. This kind of bathroom shower is somehow pricey than standard ones, but it is way cooler.

Moving to the next item, there is bathtub. This item also has strong and durable material because it is used for soaking adult body which is definitely heavy. Therefore, this bathtub is generally thicker than the shower. Though it is also made of glass, it does not mean it is see through. There is a reflective element within the glass barrier for covering.

Moving to the last item for awesome bathroom idea, there is set of accessories made of glass. It means that soap bowl, dispenser, and other are made of glass. You can even see the content because of its material.

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