Bathroom Attendant Supplies

When using public facilities such as high end restaurant, health club, or even bar, you may find bathroom attendant, someone who usually maintains the bathroom tidy and clean as well as providing towels for the customers. They also do some other things such as shoe polishing and mending a hem. For you who rarely find out someone with this job in a public bathroom may find it awkward and uncomfortable about their presence.

However, their role in bathroom actually significant to keep a good smell in bathroom, to keep the bathroom in clean condition, and keep it well equipped.

Moreover, you may want to know what necessaries supplies they have to provide in bathroom are. For some reasons whether you want to open a business that hired bathroom or restroom attendant or want to know about the supplies they need, in this occasion we will share a little information about the supplies that bathroom attendant needs.

In ladies’ bathroom for example, the supplies they need such as tissues, combs, band aids, and hand lotion. They often offer service like repairing small tears in your dresses besides they do their main job to clean and remove dirt and stains and then maintain it cleanness.

Other supplies that usually needed are toothbrush and paste in affordable price, make up remover, dental floss, safety pins and aspirin. They are also ready to help the customer to deal with the problems in the bathroom as well as to answer customers’ question that is not personal or privacy issue. Thus, it is important for them to keep the supplies available as well as keep the bathroom clean and tidy.

Then, as the customer, you can give them tip just in case. Therefore, that is all a little information you need to know about bathroom attendant. Hopefully, it can be useful for you.

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